Chines Journal of Vector Biology and Control ›› 2019, Vol. 30 ›› Issue (2): 117-122.DOI: 10.11853/j.issn.1003.8280.2019.02.001

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Study on health risk assessment for adult mosquito resistance to public health pesticides

WANG Yi-yan1, MENG Feng-xia2, HAN Zhao-jiu3, JIANG Zhi-kuan3, SU Tian-yun4, Err-Lieh Hsu5, WANG-Li3   

  1. 1. Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Beijing 100125, China;
    2. National Institute for Communicable Disease Control and Prevention, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention;
    3. Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Nanjing Command;
    4. West Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District;
    5. Department of Entomology, Taiwan University
  • Received:2019-01-22 Online:2019-04-20 Published:2019-04-20


王以燕1, 孟凤霞2, 韩招久3, 姜志宽3, 苏天运4, 徐尔烈5, 王莉3   

  1. 1. 农业农村部农药检定所, 北京 100125;
    2. 中国疾病预防控制中心传染病预防控制所, 北京 102206;
    3. 南京军区疾病预防控制中心, 江苏 南京 210002;
    4. 美国加州西谷病媒控制局, 美国 CA 91761;
    5. 台湾大学昆虫学系, 中国 台北 10673
  • 作者简介:王以燕,女,研究员,曾从事农药登记管理工作,

Abstract: Objective To explore the health risk assessment for operators and residents using public health pesticides with developed resistance. Methods This paper refers to WHO's Generic risk assessment model for indoor residual spraying insecticides in 2018, attempts to conduct a preliminary health risk assessment based on 4 pesticidal active ingredients (beta-cypermethrin, alpha-cypermethrin, deltamethrin and permethrin), 3 types of formulation and 8 commercial products registered in China, and try to carry out their resistance health risk assessment. Results Most of risk levels to health are basically acceptable when adult Aedes albopictus, Ae. aegypti, and Culex pipiens pallens mosquitoes develop low levels of resistance to pyrethroids. Under high resistance ratios (50-fold for operators, 20-fold for residents) in these species, however, most risk levels to health are not acceptable. Conclusion The research and results are helpful to expand the study field of mosquito resistance and health risk assessment and analysis of influencing factors,so as to ensure the health and safety of operators and residents. It is necessary to strengthen resistance monitoring, improve pesticide usage, promote health risk assessment in integrated vector management.

Key words: Public health pesticide, Adult mosquito, Pesticide resistance, Health risk assessment, Aedes albopictus, Aedes aegypti, Culex pipiens pallens

摘要: 目的 探讨使用具有抗性卫生用农药对施药者和居住者的健康风险评估。方法 参考2018年世界卫生组织发布的室内滞留喷洒杀虫剂通用风险评估模型,对我国已登记的4种农药(高效氯氰菊酯、顺式氯氰菊酯、溴氰菊酯和氯菊酯)、3种剂型、8种产品在初级健康风险评估基础上,探索其抗药性健康风险评估。结果 大多数拟除虫菊酯类产品对白纹伊蚊、埃及伊蚊和淡色库蚊成蚊在低抗性倍数下,健康风险基本可接受;在高抗性倍数下(施药者>50倍,居住者>20倍),健康风险多数不可接受。结论 研究和结果有助于拓展蚊虫抗药性与健康风险评估领域的研究及影响因素的分析,确保施药者和居住者的健康安全。加强抗性监控,提高农药使用效率,可推进健康风险评估和病媒生物综合管理。

关键词: 卫生用农药, 成蚊, 抗药性, 健康风险评估, 白纹伊蚊, 埃及伊蚊, 淡色库蚊

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