Chines Journal of Vector Biology and Control ›› 2018, Vol. 29 ›› Issue (2): 168-171.DOI: 10.11853/j.issn.1003.8280.2018.02.013

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Analysis of cockroach surveillance in Wuhan city from 2007 to 2016

GUO Hui1,2, WANG Gao-ming1, LU Yi-xin1, WU Tai-ping2, TIAN Jun-hua2   

  1. 1 Dong xi-hu District Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Wuhan, Wuhan 430040, Hubei Province, China;
    2 Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Received:2017-12-19 Online:2018-04-20 Published:2018-04-20
  • Supported by:
    Supported by the National Key Research and Development Plan(No. 2016YFC1201905)


郭慧1,2, 王高明1, 鲁怡欣1, 吴太平2, 田俊华2   

  1. 1 武汉市东西湖区疾病预防控制中心, 武汉 430040;
    2 武汉市疾病预防控制中心, 武汉 430015
  • 通讯作者: 田俊华,
  • 作者简介:郭慧,女,硕士,医师,主要从事传染病防制工作,
  • 基金资助:

Abstract: Objective To obtain the species composition, seasonal dynamics and density in important infestation places of cockroaches in Wuhan city so as to provide a scientific evidence for the prevention and control of cockroaches. Methods The sticky traps method was used to monitor the density of cockroaches in farm produce markets, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and residential areas from 2007 to 2016. The data obtained were analyzed by SPSS 20.0 softuare. Besides, the density and the infestation in every year and different places were compared by Chi-square test and variance analysis, respectively. Results In total, 20 137 cockroaches were captured which belonged to 3 species under 2 genera and 2 families. The average density was 0.94 insects per sheet and the infestation was 18.40%. Blattella germanica was the predomination species, accounting to 96.77%. The seasonal variation of cockroaches was obvious, and the peak mainly happened in June to October. The average density and the infestation rate of cockroaches in farm produce markets and restaurants were highest, which were 1.13 insects per sheet and 27.13%, 1.71 insects per sheet and 26.19%, respectively. Hotels and residential areas were in the next places and hospital was the lowest. The diversity index of cockroaches in residential areas was 0.586 7, which was the highest, and followed by that in farm produce markets and hospital, which were 0.259 0 and 0.232 6, respectively. The structure of cockroaches in farm produce markets, restaurants and residential areas were extremely similar, while the rest of the habitats were moderately similar. Conclusion Blattella germanica is the predominant population of cockroaches in Wuhan city. The activity peak appears in summer and early autumn, besides, the places around farm produce markets and restaurants should be viewed as the key points. Targeted comprehensive control measures should be taken according to the ecological characteristics of cockroach communities in different habitats.

Key words: Cockroach, Density, Ecology, Biodiversity, Surveillance

摘要: 目的 掌握武汉市蜚蠊种群结构、季节消长及其重点场所的密度情况,为蜚蠊防制工作提供科学依据。方法 2007-2016年采用粘捕法对武汉市农贸市场、餐饮店、宾馆、医院和居民区5种不同生境进行蜚蠊密度监测;采用Excel 2003软件进行数据统计,SPSS 20.0软件进行描述性分析,对不同年度、不同生境蜚蠊密度及侵害率分别采用χ2检验、方差分析进行比较。结果 共捕获蜚蠊20 137只,隶属2科2属3种,平均密度为0.94只/张,侵害率为18.40%。其中,优势种为德国小蠊,占捕获总数的96.77%;蜚蠊密度季节消长规律较明显,6-10月为其活动高峰期;各生境中农贸市场、餐饮店的总密度和侵害率较高,分别为1.13只/张和27.13%及1.71只/张和26.19%,其次是宾馆和居民区,医院最低。居民区物种多样性指数最高,为0.586 7;其次为农贸市场和医院,分别为0.259 0和0.232 6;农贸市场、餐饮店、居民区3种生境的蜚蠊种群构成极其相似,其他生境之间互为中等相似。结论 武汉市蜚蠊的优势种为德国小蠊,活动高峰在夏季和初秋,应以农贸市场和餐饮店等生境为重点场所,根据不同生境的蜚蠊群落生态学特征采取有针对性的综合防制措施。

关键词: 蜚蠊, 密度, 生态学, 多样性, 监测

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