Chines Journal of Vector Biology and Control ›› 2015, Vol. 26 ›› Issue (5): 500-502.DOI: 10.11853/j.issn.1003.4692.2015.05.018

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Two new species of Phaonia triseriata-group (Diptera, Muscidae, Phaonia) from China

SUN Gang1, WU Chuan-gang2, LI Tao2, WEI Lian-meng2   

  1. 1 Anshun Institute for Food and Drug Control, Anshun 561000, Guizhou Province, China;
    2 Anshun Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Anshun 561000, Guizhou Province, China
  • Received:2015-03-12 Online:2015-10-20 Published:2015-10-20
  • Supported by:

    Supported by the Wei Lianmeng High-skilled Talent Innovation Studio and the Guizhou Provincial Governor Fund of Talented Person for Excellent Science, Technology and Education[No. (2005) 91]

三列棘蝇种团二新种(双翅目:蝇科, 棘蝇属)

孙刚1, 吴传刚2, 李涛2, 魏濂艨2   

  1. 1 安顺市食品药品检验所, 贵州 安顺 561000;
    2 安顺市疾病预防控制中心, 贵州 安顺 561000
  • 通讯作者: 魏濂艨, Email:
  • 作者简介:孙刚, 男, 副主任药师, 从事药品检验、药用昆虫资源调查及其分类研究工作, Email:; 吴传刚, 男, 主管医师, 从事病媒监测和控制及昆虫系统分类研究工作, Email:
  • 基金资助:

    贵州省省长科技教育优秀人才基金[No. (2005) 91]


The paper reports and describes two new species Phaonia crata sp. nov. and Phaonia tenuilobatus sp. nov., which were collected from Guizhou, China and assigned to the P. triseriata-group. P. crata sp. nov. related to P. triseriata Emden, 1965 distributed to Burma and Zhejiang, China, but can be separated from the latter by eye sparsely with pale short hairs, frons wider, about half as wide as the space between outer margin of two posterior ocelli, inclined frontal setae 7, antennae reddish dark; acr 0+2; m1+2 straight, which gradually separating with r4+5 towards end, calypter yellow brown; mid femur with pv row undeveloped, and with 2 erected spinal v, hind tibia with 2 av and 1 ad, respectively; abdomen with tergits absent of strips or spots viewed posteriorly; male terminalia: posterior view: cerci with shallow invagination; lateral view: cercus clearly with angular inner projector apically; surstylus with posterior straight, anterior margin with angular projector near medially. Also, P. tenuilobatus sp. nov. related to P. crata sp. nov., but can be separated from the latter by inclined frontal setae 5, antennae with first flagellomere about 2 times as long as its width or about 2 times as long as pedicel-length, too, gena about 0.2 as high as eye-height, upper margin of gena with 2 rows of irregular upcurved peristomal setae; acr 0+1; mid and hind femora with end brown dorsally, mid femur without v; male terminalia: posterior view: surstylus with 2 projectors innerly; lateral view: cercus with inner projector developed; posterior margin of surstylus with angular projector medially although its anterior margin slightly waved, smooth and without bulge; 5P>thP> sternite tubbiness rather than cydariform. The type specimens of two new species are deposited in Wei Lianmeng Labor Model Innovation Studio of Centre for Disease Prevention and Control of Anshun City, Guizhou 561000, China.

Key words: Diptera, Muscidae, Phaonia, Phaonia triseriata-group, New species


本文描述采自贵州地区的蝇科、棘蝇属下的三列棘蝇种团Phaonia triseriata-group 二新种:肋棘蝇, 新种 P. crata sp. nov.和薄叶棘蝇, 新种 P. tenuilobatus sp. nov.。肋棘蝇, 新种类似中国浙江省、缅甸等地分布的三列棘蝇 P. triseriata Emden, 1965, 但新种具备下列不同于后者的特征:眼具淡色稀疏短纤毛, 额较宽, 约为两后单眼外缘间距之半;下眶鬃7;触角黑红;中鬃0+2;m1+2脉直, 与r4+5脉向端部去渐次增宽;腋瓣黄褐色;中股后腹鬃列不发达, 基半内具2个直立的刺状腹鬃;后胫前腹鬃2, 前背鬃1;腹背后面观无条或斑。雄尾器:后面观:肛尾叶端缘的凹入很浅;侧面观:肛尾叶端部可见角形突出的内突;侧尾叶后缘平直, 前缘近中部具角形凸起。另外, 薄叶棘蝇, 新种与肋棘蝇, 新种近缘。但前者具备下列不同于后者的特征:下眶鬃5, 触角鞭节约为梗节长的2倍, 亦约为自身宽的2倍, 颊高约为眼高的0.2倍, 上倾口缘鬃2列;中鬃0+1;中、后股端部背面褐色, 中股无腹鬃。雄尾器: 后面观:侧尾叶内缘具2个凸起;侧面观:肛尾叶的内突发达;侧尾叶后缘中部具角形凸起, 前缘虽略微波曲, 但平滑, 无凸起;第5腹板腹面观呈桶状, 而非鼓形。新种的模式标本保存于安顺市疾病预防控制中心魏濂艨高技能人才创新工作室。

关键词: 双翅目, 蝇科, 棘蝇属, 三列棘蝇种团, 新种

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