Chines Journal of Vector Biology and Control ›› 2015, Vol. 26 ›› Issue (3): 311-313.DOI: 10.11853/j.issn.1003.4692.2015.03.024

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The investigation and analysis of brucellosis knowledge in Sanjiangyuan area in Qinghai province, China

MA Li, HU Gui-ying, YANG Xu-xin, TIAN Guang, XU Li-qing, WEI Rong-jie, ZHANG Ai-ping, QIN Yu-min, YANG Ning-hai, ZHAO Yan-mei, XUE Hong-mei, LIU Zu-yi   

  1. Qinghai Insititute for Endemic Disease Prevention and Control, Xining 811602, Qinghai Province, China
  • Received:2014-11-30 Online:2015-06-20 Published:2015-06-20
  • Supported by:

    Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(No. 81160355)


马丽, 胡桂英, 杨旭欣, 田广, 徐立青, 魏荣杰, 张爱萍, 秦豫民, 杨宁海, 赵延梅, 薛红梅, 刘祖义   

  1. 青海省地方病预防控制所布病科, 西宁811602
  • 通讯作者: 徐立青,Email:
  • 作者简介:马丽,女,医师,主要从事布鲁氏菌疾病控制,Email:
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Objective To analyze human population's awareness of brucellosis and the related factors of behavior in Qinghai province in Sanjiangyuan area, which can be used as guidance for health education and population intervention. Methods To carry out questionnaire survey in the population of Sanjiangyuan area by the method of random cluster sampling, using Excel to build the database, the statistical analysis of data used was SPSS 17.0. Results Survey of 2491 people, the awareness of basic knowledge was 17.59%, the awareness of brucellosis had significant difference with sex, age and other 5 kinds of factor. Multifactor non conditional logistic regression model showed there were significant statistically relationship between the occupation, education and the awareness of brucellosis. Among the 7 factors that were highly related to brucellosis,“consumption of uncooked meat or offal”had the highest proportion of 69.57%. Conclusion The awareness of brucellosis in high risk population was low in Sanjiangyuan area in Qinghai province, there were high risk behaviors associated with social - economic activities. Customized public outreach and education campaign should be implemented with consideration of disease risk, ethnic culture and other relevant factors to enhance the public awareness of brucellosis in Sanjiangyuan area, Qinghai province, China.

Key words: Sanjiangyuan area, Brucellosis, Knowledge questionnaire, Behavior survey


目的 分析青海省三江源地区人群对布鲁氏菌病(布病)知晓现状及相关行为因素,指导健康教育及人群干预。方法 用随机整群抽样方法对三江源地区人群开展问卷调查,采用Excel软件建立数据库,使用SPSS 17.0软件对数据进行统计学分析。结果 共调查2491人,基本知识知晓率为17.59%。性别、年龄等5种因素与布病知晓率差异有统计学意义,多因素非条件logistic 回归分析模型拟合表明职业(OR=2.107,95%CI:0.864~1.785,P=0.000)、文化程度(OR=2.834,95%CI:1.472~2.933,P=0.000)两种因素与布病知晓率存在统计学关系。7项可能感染布病的行为习惯因素中“有否食用未煮熟的肉或内脏习惯”所占比例最高为69.57%。结论 青海省三江源地区布病高危人群布病知识知晓率低,生活及生产活动中存在高危行为。应结合三江源地区人群生活及生产活动、民族风俗等因地制宜地开展布病健康教育,提高行为干预水平。

关键词: 三江源地区, 布鲁氏菌病, 知识问卷, 行为调查

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