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Comparative study on the killing efficacy of 15% beta-cypermethrin·propoxur suspension concentrate and other four insecticides on millipede

ZHENG Feng-yun, CHEN Feng-ling, HUANG He   

  1. Jiangsu Gongcheng Bio-tech Co., Ltd., Nanjing, Jiangsu 210019, China
  • Received:2021-12-22 Online:2022-06-20 Published:2022-06-11


郑逢云, 陈锋岭, 黄河   

  1. 江苏功成生物科技有限公司, 江苏 南京 210019
  • 通讯作者: 黄河,
  • 作者简介:郑逢云,男,助理工程师,主要从事卫生杀虫剂制剂开发工作,

Abstract: Objective To investigate the killing efficacy of several commonly used public health insecticides for the control of millipedes, and to provide scientific evidence for millipede control. Methods The insecticide screening test was performed to determine the toxicity of five insecticides with different insecticidal mechanisms to millipedes. The median lethal dose (LD50) of 15% beta-cypermethrin·propoxur suspension concentrate (SC) was estimated, followed by simulated filed testing to verify its killing efficacy. Excel 2016 and SPSS 19.0 softwares were used for data analysis. The Chi-squared test was used to compare the knockdown effects of different insecticides on millipedes. Results The insecticide screening test showed that the 100 fold dilutions of 15% beta-cypermethrin·propoxur SC, 12% beta-cypermethrin·chlorpyrifos emulsifiable concentrate (EC), 10% lambda-cyhalothrin wettable powder, 20% propoxur EC, and 10% imidacloprid SC had:median knockdown times (KT50) being 1.78, 8.55, 43.17, 1.15, and 9.23 min, respectively; times taken to knockdown 90% of millipedes (KT90) being 2.63, 20.02, 68.83, 2.03, and 22.80 min, respectively; 2-h mortality rates after insecticide application being 76.25%, 56.25%, 73.33%, 56.67%, and 46.67%, respectively; and 24-h mortality rates all being 100%. The 200 fold dilutions of the five insecticides had:KT50 being 2.08, 23.26, 56.00, 1.49, and 52.78 min, respectively; KT90 being 3.15, 33.35, 85.68, 2.98, and 79.55 min, respectively; 2-h mortality rates being 65.00%, 47.50%, 68.33%, 40.00%, and 36.67%; and 24-h mortality rates all being 100%. The laboratory toxicity test showed that the LD50 of 15% beta-cypermethrin·propoxur SC against millipedes was 5.42 mg AI/m2. The simulated field test showed that the 24-h mortality rates of millipedes with 15% beta-cypermethrin·propoxur SC at 7.5, 15.0, and 30.0 mg AI/m2 were 98.33%, 100%, and 100%, respectively. Conclusion Among the five commonly used insecticides, 15% beta-cypermethrin·propoxur SC has relatively excellent efficacy in killing millipedes, which provides a reference for insecticide selection to control millipedes in public environment.

Key words: Millipede, Beta-cypermethrin·propoxur suspension concentrate, Beta-cypermethrin·chlorpyrifos emulsifiable concentrate, Lambda-cyhalothrin wettable powder, Propoxur emulsifiable concentrate, Imidacloprid suspension concentrate, Killing efficacy

摘要: 目的 了解几种常用卫生杀虫剂对马陆的毒杀效果,为马陆的防控提供科学依据。方法 通过药剂筛选试验测定5种不同杀虫机制的药剂对马陆的毒杀活性,测定了15%高氯·残杀威悬浮剂对马陆的半数致死量(LD50),并用现场模拟试验对其毒杀效果进行验证。采用Excel 2016和SPSS 19.0软件进行数据统计分析,采用χ2检验比较不同药剂处理后马陆击倒差异。结果 药剂筛选测试结果显示,15%高氯·残杀威悬浮剂、12%高氯·毒死蜱乳油、10%高效氯氟氰菊酯可湿性粉剂、20%残杀威乳油和10%吡虫啉悬浮剂5种药剂稀释100倍对马陆的半数击倒时间(KT50)分别为1.78、8.55、43.17、1.15、9.23 min;KT90分别为2.63、20.02、68.83、2.03、22.80 min;施药2 h后死亡率分别为76.25%、56.25%、73.33%、56.67%、46.67%;24 h死亡率均为100%。5种药剂200倍稀释对马陆的KT50分别为2.08、23.26、56.00、1.49、52.78 min;KT90分别为3.15、33.35、85.68、2.98、79.55 min,施药2 h后致死率为65.00%、47.50%、68.33%、40.00%、36.67%,施药24 h后致死率均为100%。室内毒力测定结果显示,15%高氯·残杀威悬浮剂对马陆的LD50为5.42 mg AI/m2。现场模拟试验条件下,15%高氯·残杀威悬浮剂在7.5、15.0、30.0 mg AI/m2剂量下对马陆24 h死亡率分别为98.33%、100%和100%。结论 常用5种杀虫剂中15%高氯·残杀威悬浮剂对马陆的毒杀效果较为优异,这对公共环境马陆防治用药选择具有一定的参考和指导作用。

关键词: 马陆, 高氯·残杀威悬浮剂, 高氯·毒死蜱乳油, 高效氯氟氰菊酯可湿性粉剂, 残杀威乳油, 吡虫啉悬浮剂, 毒杀效果

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