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Study on the lethal rate of six active ingredients to Blattella germanica and Periplaneta americana

TANG Li-ping, ZHU Jian, LIAO Guo-dong, WU Ying-hua   

  1. Zhongshan LANJU Daily Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd., Zhongshan, Guangdong 528400, China
  • Received:2022-01-17 Online:2022-06-20 Published:2022-06-11


唐丽萍, 朱剑, 廖国栋, 吴鹰花   

  1. 中山榄菊日化实业有限公司, 广东 中山 528400
  • 通讯作者: 唐丽萍,
  • 作者简介:唐丽萍,女,副高级工程师,主要从事化学农药在卫生害虫方面的研究,

Abstract: Objective To test and compare the speed of death of Blattella germanica and Periplaneta americana treated with six active ingredients, and to provide theoretical basis for consumers' experience. Methods Using the open square box method, 30 test insects were starved for one day had allowed access to cockroach baits containing each of the six effective components. The number of dead insects was counted at regular time intervals, and LT50 and LT95 were calculated according to the weighted linear regression method. Results Without other feed, the LT50 for B. germanica was in the order of 0.5% dinotefuran>2.5% imidacloprid>1.5% propoxur>0.05% fipronil>0.2% chlorpyrifos>0.1% indoxacarb, and the order of the LT50 for P. americana was 2.5% imidacloprid>0.05% fipronil>0.2% chlorpyrifos>1.5% propoxur>0.1% indoxacarb. The LT95 for B. germanica was in the order of 0.5% dinotefuran>2.5% imidacloprid>0.05% fipronil>0.2% chlorpyrifos>0.1% indoxacarb>1.5% propoxur, and the LT95 for P. americana was in the order of 0.2% chlorpyrifos>0.05% fipronil>0.1% indoxacarb>1.5% propoxur>2.5% imidacloprid. Dinotefuran had almost no toxic effect on P. americana. Cockroaches fed less on the diets of dinotefuran, imidacloprid and propoxur, which had a faster death rate in the early stage, and fed more on the diets of chlorpyrifos, fipronil and indoxacarb, which had a slower death rate in the early stage. Conclusion On the whole, cockroach baits with different active ingredients had different lethal rates to different species of cockroaches. Dinotefuran, imidacloprid and propoxur were quicker to kill B. germanica, while chlorpyrifos and fipronil were quicker to kill P. americana.

Key words: Blattella germanica, Periplaneta americana, Lethal rate, Indoxacarb, Dinotefuran, Imidacloprid, Propoxur, Fipronil

摘要: 目的 研究测试6种含有不同有效成分的杀蟑饵剂对德国小蠊和美洲大蠊的致死速度,对比其差异性,为有效防治蜚蠊提供理论依据。方法 采用敞口方箱法,将30只饥饿处理1 d的试虫放入具有6种不同有效成分杀蟑饵剂的箱体中,饱和取食,记录一定时间段观察试虫死亡只数,按照加权直线回归法计算半数致死时间(LT50)、95%致死时间(LT95),使用OriginPro 2019b软件中logistic函数制作拟合曲线,使用SPSS 26.0软件进行取食量差异检验。结果 在无饲料条件下,基于LT50,德国小蠊的致死速度从快到慢的排序为:0.5%呋虫胺>2.5%吡虫啉>1.5%残杀威>0.05%氟虫腈>0.2%毒死蜱>0.1%茚虫威,美洲大蠊的致死速度从快到慢的排序为:2.5%吡虫啉>0.05%氟虫腈>0.2%毒死蜱>1.5%残杀威>0.1%茚虫威;基于LT95,德国小蠊致死速度从快到慢依次为:0.5%呋虫胺>2.5%吡虫啉>0.05%氟虫腈>0.2%毒死蜱>0.1%茚虫威>1.5%残杀威,美洲大蠊致死速度从快到慢依次为:0.2%毒死蜱>0.05%氟虫腈>0.1%茚虫威>1.5%残杀威>2.5%吡虫啉,呋虫胺对美洲大蠊几乎没有毒杀作用。蜚蠊对前期致死速度较快的3种成分呋虫胺、吡虫啉、残杀威饵料的取食量较小,对前期致死速度较慢的3种成分毒死蜱、氟虫腈、茚虫威饵料的取食量较大。结论 不同成分的杀蟑饵剂对不同种类的蜚蠊致死速度不同,呋虫胺、吡虫啉、残杀威对德国小蠊致死速度较快,毒死蜱、氟虫腈对美洲大蠊的致死速度较快。

关键词: 德国小蠊, 美洲大蠊, 致死速度, 茚虫威, 呋虫胺, 吡虫啉, 残杀威, 氟虫腈

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