Chines Journal of Vector Biology and Control ›› 2012, Vol. 23 ›› Issue (3): 246-248.

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The primary investigation of mosquitoes population and density at Yunfu port

LIU Chuan-ge1,2, LUO Lin1,2, HU Long-fei1, DENG Ji-tang1, MA Ze-zheng1, HOU Jie1, ZHANG You1   

  1. 1 Yunfu Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine, Yunfu 527300, Guangdong Province, China;
    2 Sun Yat-Sen University School of Public Health, Guangzhou 510080, Guangdong Province, China
  • Received:2012-01-10 Online:2012-06-20 Published:2012-06-20


刘传鸽1,2, 罗琳1,2, 胡龙飞1, 邓继棠1, 马泽征1, 侯捷1, 张友1   

  1. 1 云浮出入境检验检疫局, 广东云浮 527300;
    2 中山大学公共卫生学院, 广东广州 510080
  • 通讯作者: 胡龙飞,Email:

Abstract: Objective To investigate the mosquito population, density and distribution in different habitats at Yunfu port in Guangdong province, and to provide the scientific evidence for controlling mosquito and vector - born infectious diseases. Methods Labour hour method, CDC light traps and mosquito magnet were taken for the survey of adult mosquitoes, scoop dipping method for the survey of larvaes and pupaes which would be identified after captured at the mosquito breeding site. The density of adult mosquitoes was obtained by monitoring mosquitoes with labour hour method in typical habitat. Results A total of 42 367 adult mosquitoes and 3680 larvaes were collected from May to November in 2011, which belong to 3 subfamily, 8 genera and 12 species. The dominant species are Culex tritaeniorhynchus, Cx. pipiens quinquefasciatus and Aedes albopictus successively. There were two peaks of adult mosquitoes density from May to November. The first is May and June, and the second is August. The biting activity of Ae. albopictus arised almost in one day, but the biting rate in the daytime was obviously higher than that at night. There were three biting peaks at one cycle. Conclusion It is the first time to obtain the original information of mosquito population at Yunfu port, which presented the mosquito population under natural conditions and would be useful to the ongoing survey and control of mosquitoes in the future.

Key words: Yunfu port, Mosquito, Population, Population density, Human biting rate

摘要: 目的 掌握云浮口岸蚊类的种群构成、不同生境密度分布和季节消长变化,以及云浮地区白纹伊蚊刺叮节律情况,为口岸蚊类及蚊媒传染病的有效防制提供依据。方法 在蚊类易孳生和栖息地点,采用电动吸蚊器、诱蚊灯和灭蚊磁场捕捉成蚊,采用勺捞法采集幼虫和蛹,待羽化为成蚊后进行分类鉴定;成蚊密度调查选择有代表性的生态环境,采用人工小时法监测。结果 2011年5-11月共捕获成蚊42 367只,采集各龄期幼虫和蛹3680只,经鉴定隶属3亚科8属12种;优势蚊种依次为三带喙库蚊、致倦库蚊和白纹伊蚊;成蚊季节消长呈双峰型,5、6月为第一个高峰期,8月为第二个高峰期;白纹伊蚊昼夜都有刺叮活动,一天中有3个刺叮高峰,白天刺叮活动显著高于晚上。结论 本次调查是云浮口岸地区的首次蚊类调查,较准确地反映了云浮口岸地区在自然条件下蚊类种群的基本情况,为进一步的蚊类监测和防治工作提供了基础数据。

关键词: 云浮口岸, 蚊类, 种群, 密度, 刺叮节律

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