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An investigation of mosquito species and perching habit in Yuewu and Bangnai counties of the Lao People's Democratic Republic

WU Lin-bo, DONG Xue-shu, YANG Rui   

  1. Yunnan Institute of Parasitic Diseases Control, Yunnan Center for Malaria Research, Yunnan Provincial Center of Arborvirus Research, Yunnan Provincial Key Laboratory of Vector-borne Diseases Control and Research, Yunnan Provincial Collaborative Innovation Center for Public Health and Disease Prevention and Control, Training Base of International Scientific Exchange and Education in Tropical Diseases for South and Southeast Asia, Pu'er, Yunnan 665000, China
  • Received:2020-10-16 Online:2021-04-20 Published:2021-04-20


吴林波, 董学书, 杨锐   

  1. 云南省寄生虫病防治所, 云南省疟疾研究中心, 云南省虫媒病毒研究中心, 云南省虫媒传染病防控研究重点 实验室, 云南公共卫生与疾病防控协同创新中心, 面向南亚东南亚热带病国际科技人员 交流与教育培训基地, 云南 普洱 665000
  • 通讯作者: 杨锐,
  • 作者简介:吴林波,男,检验师,主要从事蚊虫形态学分类研究工作,

Abstract: Objective To investigate the composition and perching habit of mosquito species in Yuewu and Bangnai counties of The Lao People's Democratic Republic (Laos), and to provide a basis for the classification of mosquito species and the prevention and treatment of insect-borne infectious diseases. Methods In June 21-29 and July 8-11, 2019, the mosquito trap lamp was used to collect adult mosquitoes in human and livestock houses in Yuewu and Bangnai counties of Laos, and the species and number of adult mosquitoes were determined by morphological taxonomic identification under a stereomicroscope. At the same time, the spoon method was used to collect the larvae, which were fed to adult mosquitoes and were used to make pinned specimens. Results A total of 17 053 mosquitoes, belonging to 32 species in 8 subgenera and 2 subfamilies, were collected by mosquito trap lamp, among which Culex subfamily accounted for 89.66% (15 290/17 053) of total mosquitoes. Culex tritaeniorhynchus was the dominant mosquito species in Yuewu and Bangnai counties, which accounted for 82.03% (13 719/16 724) and 41.95% (138/329), respectively, of all mosquitoes in these two counties. The mosquito density was 232.28 and 10.28 mosquitoes/lamp·night, respectively, in Yuewu and Bangnai counties. Three species of mosquitoes were collected by the spoon method, namely, Mimomyia (Etorleptiomyia) luzonensis (Ludlow, 1905), Aedes (Collessius) macfarlanei (Edwards, 1914), and Cx. (Eumelanomyia) brevipalis (Giles, 1902). Conclusion There are abundant mosquito species in Yuewu and Bangnai counties of Laos, with Cx. tritaeniorhynchus as the dominant mosquito species in these regions, and livestock houses are the main habitat of mosquitoes.

Key words: Mosquito species, Perching habit, Mosquito trap lamp, Laos

摘要: 目的 了解老挝人民民主共和国(老挝)岳乌和邦耐县的蚊虫种类组成及栖息习性等,为蚊虫分类和虫媒传染病防治等提供依据。方法 于2019年6月21-29日、7月8-11日,在老挝岳乌和邦耐县的人房及畜房内采用诱蚊灯通宵诱捕成蚊,在体式显微镜下通过形态学分类鉴定成蚊种类并计数;同时采用勺舀法采集幼蚊,采集到的幼蚊饲养至成蚊并制作针插标本。结果 通过诱蚊灯共诱捕到2亚科8亚属32种(亚种)17 053只蚊虫;其中库蚊亚科蚊种数量占捕蚊总数的89.66%(15 290/17 053),岳乌和邦耐县的优势蚊种均为三带喙库蚊,分别占各地捕获蚊虫总数的82.03%(13 719/16 724)和41.95%(138/329);两地蚊密度依次为232.28和10.28只/(灯·夜);通过勺舀法共采集到3种蚊种,分别为库蚊亚科轲蚊属吕宋小蚊、骚扰蚊属乳点伊蚊和库蚊属短须库蚊。结论 老挝岳乌和邦耐县的蚊虫种类十分丰富,三带喙库蚊为当地优势蚊种,栖息场所以畜房为主。

关键词: 蚊种, 栖息习性, 诱蚊灯, 老挝

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